Healthy Eating Tips

Eating is important to keep the body and mind going. While I don't want to talk about specific diets, here are some overall tips for healthy and balanced eating.

Before we get into it though, remember that food is good, food is life and shell be enjoyed. Keep a positive approach to eating.

  1. Eat that Lean Protein. Good sources of lean protein include lean beef and pork, chicken and turkey, as well as tofu and beans.

  2. Pile on the fruit and veggies. Yes, veggies are packed with essential nutrients and are important to a healthy diet. Leafy greens and a variety of fruit will add vitamins and minerals to your diet.

  3. Portion control can happen in many ways, here are two:

  4. Use a smaller dish and serve smaller portions.

  5. Eat slow. Taking your time and savoring the food will allow you to enjoy the meal and prevent over eating by paying close attention to the feeling of fullness.

  1. Know what you eat. Eating home cooked meals will allow you to stay in charge of what you eat and what goes into your food and ultimately body.

  2. Focus on what to eat more of. Instead of focusing on what to cut back on or restrict - focus on what to add to your diet and what to eat more of. Restricting might mean, eating less of what brings us joy and comfort and often results into binge eating those foods when we have a 'cheat day' or are stressed.

  3. Find the balance. Allow yourself some comfort foods in appropriate portions.

  4. Drink plenty of water. Yes, this might sound self-explanatory. Yet, did you know that we sometimes mistake thirst with hunger?

As you can see, many of these tips are not very food focused, but behavioral advice. Often we know, what habit or choices are causing fatigue, bloating or weight gain, yet even with that knowledge we might have about the foods we eat, it can be hard to make better choices. Which bring us to 'practicing mindfulness' as a last tip on healthy eating. Do you ever catch yourself mindlessly eating something? Not really tasting your food or enjoying it, yet snacking and walking back over to the cookie jar like a zombie and later realizing you finished the last cookie? Yes? Maybe? Bringing mindfulness back to how we make choices and being present in the moment will also lead to more awareness around eating. It helps especially in the moments that we opt for food, even though the underlying emotion driving our decision making might not be hunger, but we are not aware or present to feel what the real cause of this emotion is. Food can be a coping mechanism and awareness is the first step to understanding that and rewiring our response.

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