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Mama Essentials for Self-Care and Daily Mom Life (Great Mother's Day Gifts)

Updated: May 11

Browse some great gift ideas for Mamas to show your love, treat yourself or simple get some inspiration for self-care doable as a mama. This post includes affiliate links.

It's almost Mother's Day! I am all for gifting experiences, time together or time for self-care for Mama to fill her cup, but here are also some fantastic gift ideas for physical gifts that are not flowers, scented candles or chocolate. This gift collection promotes well-being and comfort - just sat busy mamas need.

This post includes some daily use items, some fun stuff, some things for the expecting Mama and so much more. Share what you love to gift your Mama below in the comments or share this post with the person who might be picking your gifts this year, wink wink.

Cups and Tumblers

Can't fill your own cup, if you ain't got a cup? I can't tell you exactly what it is with water cups and tumblers, but they are addicting and just a lot of fun to have. Already have 10 +? I hear you, yet let me share my current favorite: Simple Modern 16 oz Coffee Mug, fits perfectly in most cup holders, has a twist on lid with little seal. Available in different colors, stainless steal. And yes, it can go in the dishwasher.

Porter Cup

Okay, last one: Porter Cups come in 16 oz and are great for the morning coffee or tea, or whatever your fav drink may be. It has a silicon sleeve and comes with a plastic lit, so take it on the go.

Skin Care: winkles or stretch marks?

Dermaclara silicon pads are the answer. Gift a mama a reusable, simple and effective way to ease wrinkles and stretch marks. I know, Mamas are beautiful as they are, yet sometimes a little TLC for the tired skin can elevate the glow and make a mama feel extra special.

Daily Skin Care Routine

In need of a new brand that is pregnancy safe (please consult with your primary care provider for information on pregnancy safety, this is not a medical statement) and effective? Try Tula. With lotions, primers, SPF for all skin tones and types you will find your selection of items that support for skin care and needs.

Ohora Nails

Having manicured hands sounds nice, right? But who's got time? I hope you can make it or have found a sustainable way to keep your nails in some way maintained. It took me a long time to find a solution that was mama friendly (meaning durable, quick and easy to apply and remove) and also was fun. Ohora nails (semi cured) is my solution. I kid you not - you just pop on the right size sticker nail, after giving them a 2 min prep, file it down to length and listen to this: I don't even put them under UV light and just go. It sticks, never has come off, look like freshly manicured nails at a fraction of the price and when you are done, the stickers just pull off, leaving the nail underneath healthy. It could not be easier! Pick from beige, grey, nude, white, shades and shades or cute nails to rescue any rough looking mama nails.

Ritual Vitamins

Pregnant, new mama or seasoned mama, we need our daily (or prenatal vitamins) and my go-to for transparently sourced and clean vitamins are the Ritual Vitamins, which can be set up with a subscription and make your daily routine a little easier.

Grab the Prenatal Vitamins, Postpartum, or the Womens 18 + Multivitamins.

Cozy Slippers

Cozy slipper are not just cute, but also help you quietly glide through the house during nap time. My fav are these soft and fluffy Slippers:

Hatch Alarm Clock with Sunrise Feature

Need a little help rolling out of bed? Who doesn't.

Check out the Hatch Alarm Clock with Sunrise function to ease you into the day with your person sunrise.

Yoga Pants and Tops

Clothes from CRZ Yoga have become my new go to for active wear as they are incredible versatile, soft and durable. I am literally wearing a pair of their simple yoga pants right now (in black) and they stretch easily over my 5 months preggo belly, even though they are not maternity wear and will probably be a great fit for postpartum and beyond. Their tops are just as soft and stretchy and have been a trendy and comfortable additional to my maternity clothes. (Without being maternity clothes). I can recommend these for any seasons of motherhood.

Compression Socks

Is it a gadget? Compression socks for long flights or pregnancy? I thought so for some time,

but during my third pregnancy these cozy socks give me a relaxing feeling whenever I pop them on. Swelling of the legs and feet can be common during pregnancy and compression socks can help with the discomfort.


Mamas need a device to transport water, snacks, spear clothes, diapers and a whole lot of

other essentials that can be the make or break of any trip or outing. It is not just a diaper bag - it is a survival kit! We all know it. I outgrow my 'diaper bags' soon after my second was born, I also nearly never used any of the side zippers or integrated changing mats some come with. This water repelling, simple, light and stylish backpack is my new favorite to take to any park, trip and even shopping. The back rest is cushioned, the traps are wide and it has the right amount of separations within, AND a space for your laptop.

10 Day Meditation Program

Treat yourself to a moment of quiet and calm - I know a mama's mind can spiral trying to keep up with all the demands of motherhood. The running list for most mamas is endless and it can be handy to learn to step out of the spiral and quiet the noise than to make it stop.

The 10 day on-demand meditation program has mediation from 5-20 minutes and is made for busy mamas looking to unwind their mind for a hot sec. Build a new habit with the fully guided meditation.

Mama, have a fantastic time around Mother's Day. No matter what you may do or receive, just know that you are absolutely amazing and your efforts, energy and time is making a huge difference in someones life and no matter what the current feedback may be - it is so valuable and important.

Nice going.

And besides what other may present you with, take a moment in the next few days to celebrate yourself and all you do! Verbalize what you are proud of and be the one to acknowledge all the things you handle and achieve. Show yourself some love, kindness and grace! You deserve it.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama.

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