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Welcome to the Corporate Wellness Hub 

Is your team thriving or surviving?

The corporate wellness hub with Maike Mancuso is your one-stop shop for a thriving team. 

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Maike customizes your corporate wellness experience so your team can feel refreshed, focused and productive using her unique wellness skills and expertise.

By teaching your employees skills such as stress coping strategies and self-regulating techniques, you will see your team's performance thrive. 

Maike's clients commonly book 60 to 90-minute wellness workshops to kick off the wellness experience.


Maike will customize each workshop to your team's needs. It will often include a wellness topic like improving your daily well-being and productivity with tiny habits or techniques for immediate stress reduction. Workshops can also cover meditation, stretches, and discussion time.

Crowd favorites also include weekly 30 min stretch sessions (often during lunchtime), morning guided meditation sessions (30 min), and workout classes (30 min). 

All sessions continue to be live streamed via Zoom until further notice.

On-demand add-ons are available.

Ready to chat?

Book a free phone consultation or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to share more about your wellness goals for your team today.

All sessions can be catered to the needs, schedule and goals of your team.


Wellness Hub Services

Sessions can be individually catered to your teams needs, goals and schedule.


Health Coaching

Health Coaching can cover a number of health related strategies. Maike focuses on breaking down evidence based techniques into small adaptable steps. This method makes it easier for clients to implement and sustain healthy habits and build a strong foundation for positive change and improved well-being. The element of health coaching is often included in wellness workshops.


Meditation & Mindfulness

A crowd favorite are Maike's guided meditations and mindfulness exercises - commonly booked to promote mental health, relaxation, and inner peace for greater resilience to daily stresses


Workout Sessions

Sessions can be cardio-based without equipment, strength-based, or a mix of both. Commonly used on a weekly basis to promote physical health as well as stress relief.


Stretching Sessions

Maike's vibrant, dynamic and fun stretching sessions incorporate activation movements to lightly elevate heart rate, as well as breathing, and meditation elements, with a strong focus on stretching tight areas of the body that are commonly effected by prolonged periods of sitting.

Stress triggers lurk everywhere in our professional and personal life. The pandemic has contributed to the rising stress levels and demanded drastic adjustments in the work environments.  Maike has years of experience in supporting her clients and creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, which can build a strong foundations to weather stress, uncertainty and high demanding situations with more calmness and focus. She teaches simple tools and effective techniques to release stress, build resilience and create positive daily habits.

Help your team thrive and grow on a professional and personal level. 

Imagine your team feeling grounded in their work, energized, and connected to the professional environment! Creating a caring and positive work climate can encourage passion and purpose and support your team's general performance.

More ways to collaborate:



Collaborate with Maike on creating a stunning, relaxing and long-lasting retreat experience.

Maike is available for day retreats or multiple day retreats.



Book Maike for an existing event. For topics and avaiblibilty please use the form at the bottom of this page.

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