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What can meditation and mindfulness help you with?

There is so much in this world we can't control. Learn to control your response to the world with meditation and mindfulness. Regulate your emotions, manage stress and learn to connect to a calm place within your body when anxiety and overwhelming feelings are on the rise. Even just a short moment per day can make a difference.

What's included?

10 relaxing and guided meditations with a variety of topics including breath work, gratitude, affirmations, grounding and BONUS meditations and tools


The program progresses from 5 to 20 minute meditations over the course of
the 10 days


A stretch sequence to prep your body for meditation and release tightness


Additional tips and tools including journal prompts, meditations quick tips, reflection sheet to keep the overview of the program and your progress


A community forum to exchange thoughts and tips with other participants


Easy access to the content from your desktop or mobile device


Do I need to know anything about meditation to start this course?

This program is designed for beginners and more experienced practitioners.

How do I access this program?

You will create a login when purchasing the course and you can come back to this page and login whenever you want to access the program. It is accesible via mobile browser and desktop browser.

You will be able to access the content even after completing the program. You will also get any updates that are being made (added materials, new workouts, etc.) for free.

How much does it cost?

It is $12 + processing fees - one time purchase. Reach out for scholarships and financial help. We want to make the course as accessible as possible and are happy to work with you.

Are there referral benefits?

Yes! Refer a friend and receive $5 in account credit and earn your friend $5 credit too. If you enjoy the program, let's spread the love.


Keep it together in stressful situations. Learn to use your breath to ground yourself anytime anywhere.


Get to know a safe and calm space within your body that you can always connect to when life gets wild.


Up your level of productivity and focus to reach your daily goals easier and stay on track with your daily duties.

Benefits of this program
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