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All services can be combined and individualized to guarantee the best impact for your personal needs and goals.


Health Coaching will provide you with the tools and techniques to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


The Coaching process allows you to identify your personal health goals, break those down into doable and measurable steps and stay accountable during the guided process.  Health Coaching may also supply you with educational tips and knowledge to support your change process. 

1 - on - 1 online 30 min or 55 min sessions


Staying active in some capacity is key to a healthy life.

With personal training you have the opportunity to set defined goals that suit your schedule and lifestyle and stay accountable during your training. Goals can include weight-loss, toning, building muscle and gaining strength, increasing mobility and optimizing your posture, to just name a few. 


All training sessions will cater to your individual needs, educate you on how to safely and effectively train in your current level of fitness.

1 - on 1 online 30 min or 55 min training sessions or partner sessions with two participants.


Yoga and mindfulness are valuable tools to bring balance and intention in your daily life and connect body and mind. Benefits may include, but are not limited to increased focus, strength, mobility and stress release.


Yoga can include a physical practice, breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness techniques.

1 - on - 1 online 30 min or 55 min sessions


Studies show that staying active and fit during pregnancy benefits the mother and unborn baby. During pregnancy and postpartum it is important to train with care as the body is under a lot of stress and undergoes a lot of changes. This means we may have to modify movements, intensity and training approach.

Every stage of pregnancy and postpartum recovery presents a different set of experiences that need to be taken in consideration while training. Every pregnancy and mama has a different journey and by working in a 1 - on - 1 setting, we can make sure that we focus on your unique body, pregnancy and personal experience of fitness, energy level and goals. 

1 - on 1 online 30 min or 55 min training sessions.