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Two ingredients yoghurt treats

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Fast and easy to make yoghurt snack - this is going to be a quick recipe.

Let me be honest, I am not a domestic goddess. When it comes to preparing food, I am all for quick, easy and healthy receipts. This recipe is so easy and simple that it feels almost funny to write a whole post about it. But here it goes.

Equipment recommended: Mixer, ice cube tray or silicon mold or popsicle mold (or get creative)


- plain yoghurt

- fruit of your choice (I often use berries of some sort)

Let's put it all together

1. Pop those ingredients into a mixer, if they even need a powerful mix, soft ingredients can simply be stirred or mushed up with a fork. If you like junks you can leave some pieces bigger. For a more fruity taste add more fruit. If you enjoy the tart flavor of plain yoghurt, you go heavier on that.

2. Pour the mixture into your molds and freeze.

And done. Frozen bites are yummy and we call them 'treats' around our house, especially if you make them in cute shapes. Our molds are little unicorn and are always a hit. I feel so comfortable handing them out, because they are healthy and nourishing.

Extra Tips:

Ripe Bananas can add a sweet taste to your yoghurt mix, if you have a sweet tooth. Honey, Agave sirup or even dates can do the same thing.

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