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Fit Mama Resources - Pacifica, Ca.

Updated: May 4, 2023

Are you new to Pacifica, Ca or just trying to find the best resources for you and your family?

You are in the right spot - in this post you can find some of the best service providers, classes and more for Mamas (during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond) and the whole family to feel your best, stay or get connected and thrive.

Do you have a great recommendations or are a service provider focusing on Mamas and families yourself? Please leave a comment with more info or email me directly:

Everything is better with community, especially when becoming a parent, because it truly takes a village. Sometimes it might just be a recommendation you are after, you are trying to pass on some toys or kids clothes without much fuss or you are looking for moms on maternity break to hang out with - these resources will hit the spot.

Join the Mama community in Pacifica by joining the:

PMC - Pacifica Mother's Club

This is a resource I tell every mom about! The Pacifica Mother's Club is a community of mothers: expecting to 5 year old kiddos, who provide playgroups by age, twice annual clothing swaps (which I am always so excited about), events for the whole family and so much more for a reasonable annual free.

Is your family far away and you could use some home-cooked meals delivered to your door after giving birth: the IAP (In a pinch) - service can help, where the PMC community volunteers to bring over foods, easy and without any fuss.

Not sure what pre school or kinder garden is right for your family? PMC has resources for that. I'll stop here, but it is just such a great place to meet and connect with other families. And while it's called 'the Mother's club' the whole family, care-givers and dads, etc. are welcome to join the events, and meet ups.

Mama Method Health and Fitness

Time to reintroduce myself and my services here: My name is Maike, I am a Pre and Postnatal Fitness Trainer and mama of two boys - preggo with my third. I support busy women through all seasons of life and motherhood by helping them move confidently and safely in each of these seasons. Join me for small group classes and programs (in-person and virtually), 1-on-1 coaching or with my on demand guided programs. All of my services are catered to guide and educate you, so that you can feel empowered and confident in your daily life, motherhood and fitness and health journey.

Check out my classes, guided 'Core Restore Program' and 1-on-1 service or connect with me on Instagram for free resources and content. Or sign up for my newsletter - i'd love to connect with you. (Sign up on the main page of my website)

Prenatal Massage Therapist (and more)

During my first pregnancy I have maybe had one prenatal massage and it was okay - in my third pregnancy I decided to really look after myself, because life is stressful, this body has been through some stuff and it just feels so good to truly relax and relief some tension to show up better for myself and my family. Darlene Estrada at Thyme Integrative Health is your gal, if you are looking for a local Pre (or Postnatal) massage! She is a very compassionate and kind person with years of experience and knowledge in Pre and Postnatal services. Thyme has a calm and relaxing room for the massage and a Pregnancy Pad is available to make mama extra comfortable on her belly during the massage experience.

You can book with Darlene here: or +1310-483-6365

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (in SF, CA)

Mamas, Pregancy and Postpartum comes with a lot of changes and our core and pelvic floor are under a lot of stress and demand in those times. We need the core and pelvic floor to function optimally to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction such as: not being able to hold your pee, when you know you don't really have to go, or leaking when you sneeze, cough or take a big step, to just name a few, as well as core instability which can lead to back pain and discomfort. Adapting your movement patterns and exercises to suite the stage of motherhood you are in, is one great step to protect your core! But my favorite resource and suggestion is to visit a pelvic floor specialist. A Pelvic floor specialist can help you find any specific weaknesses and advise you in how you can adapt your daily movements to help your body in those high-demand times and recover better. My go-to person is:

Yvette Fawzi Feldenkrais and Physical Therapy

1131 Irving Street

San Francisco, CA 94122

Coastal Family Wellness Chiropractor

The following description is straight from the Coastal Family Wellness Website, because who can say it better than the team from Coastal Family Wellness themselves:

Coastal Family Wellness is your natural health and wellness village. Dr. Lisa saw the exhausting journey that her families were going through as they tried to piece together a care team for their children! As a result, she has created the Coastal Family Wellness Village. Our team is constantly growing as we add new trusted practitioners to collaborate with, and aid your family on your journey to healing. With an office manager, Dr. Lisa, Dr. Jackie, and our nutrition consultant currently on our immediate staff, we look forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your way to happiness, health, and harmony.

Surfing Moms

I just came across the surfing moms group shortly before my third pregnancy and loved the

supportive idea of mamas (caregivers, or dads welcome) meeting on the beach to watch each others kids to let everyone have a turn in the surf! Amazing, right?

Once I can hop on a board again, count me in!

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

Healing Coach and Advocate

Mama, are you struggling to find balance between supporting your loved ones and looking after yourself? This is a common struggle for mamas, which is why coach Kristi is focusing exactly on that space of awareness and balance: as a Certified Transformational Mastery level Healing Coach, Kristi has established herself as a promoter of positive living, goal achievement, and mastery of habit change through her inspirational and transformative programs. Her focus is on bringing back vitality and hope to the lives of mothers who feel unworthy of love unless they’re meeting everyone’s expectations, exhausting & losing themselves in the process. Kristi empowers, nurtures, and guides women on a journey to self-love and liberation.

1 on 1 in-person and virtual coaching available & workshops.

Family Dentist

Dentists and kids are just one of those potentially tricky combinations. But don't threat: Shore View Dental comes equipped to take care of the littles (with toys, dino stuffed animals to brush teeth with, kid shows, etc.) and the rest of the family! Both of our boys are happy to go, and even if there is an initial hesitation (since, we don't go all the time) by the time we are there, both kids are willing and happy to get the treatments, thanks to the amazing staff and patient and super kid focused doctors. Located at: 731 Oceana Boulevard, Pacifica

Let's grow these resources together

Surely, there are many more resources to be added, please email me or comment below with your suggestions with as much info as possible (you can even write a short blurb, in case I am unfamiliar with the service.) The list here will grow as we receive more ideas and tips! Thank you for participating in spreading the word and growing this communal resource.

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