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If you are on my website, chances are you are looking to improve your health and well-being in some way. Please take a moment to schedule a free 20 minute chat or browse through my website.

Looking for Mama specific support?

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Women's Health and Wellness Virtual Studio

Pre and Postnatal safe

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Yoga and mindfulness practice

Yoga practice is a great way to connect body and mind, find stress relief and increase strength, flexibility and mobility. Sessions may include physical practice as well as mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Workshops and Group Coaching

In-person or virtual workshops to bring health and wellness to bigger groups and corporate settings. 

Health Coaching

Online 1- on -1 Health Coaching. Adapt healthy habits and create a balanced lifestyle.

Personal Training

1- on -1 training (online training only - till further notice, due to COVID-19). Training sessions may include fitness, yoga, flexibility and mobility training, endurance and strength training.

Training and Health Coaching for Mamas

Stay healthy and fit during pregnancy and after delivery. Stay active while training safely with support and care.


Maike Mancuso is a Certified Health Coach, Fitness and Yoga Instructor and Speaker. Her passion is to help individuals to create a healthy balanced lifestyle and elevate their quality of life. Over the years Maike has trained and coached hundreds of clients internationally. Her well-rounded approach offers her clients the tools, resources, and support needed to be healthy, confident, and successful and maintain their progress in the long term.



I had the pleasure of doing a private class with Maike while in Cambodia and was so happy with the end result! Maike is a great teacher and an awesome person overall! She took the time to find out my skill level, my hopes for the lesson and what I wanted to leave with. I learned so much in our hour together, including how to better each of my postures, good asana flow and breathing techniques. After our session, Maike put together notes for me to follow as I set up my own personal practice. I now practice yoga daily, thanks to Maike giving me the confidence and guidance to do so. I cannot recommend her highly enough!



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