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Do you want to stay active and fit during pregnancy and postpartum, but are not sure how to adjust your training during those times? The Mama Method is the place to start. Explore all available services and find the best fit for your stage of motherhood, schedule and needs. Learn to move confidently, safely and with joy! 

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I am here to take the guesswork out of your pre and postnatal workouts

Ready to roll, Mama?

Pregnant or postpartum - it is beneficial to truly understand your core and I mean Pelvic Floor to Diaphragm, TVA and all the layers. Start with the Core Foundations to set yourself up for success.


I am the founder of Maike Mancuso Coaching and the Mama Method supporting Mamas during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond! I am curating at-home and live workouts, workshops and programs to support Mamas on their journey through motherhood with confidence and joy.


I am a Certified Health Coach, Fitness and Yoga Instructor with a pre and postnatal specialization. 

On a more personal note, I am also the mama of two boys, originally from Germany, loving life in California.

What my Clients say


I found Maike after searching for a trainer who would help me during my pregnancy. I've always been pretty active for majority of my adult life so staying fit while keeping my baby safe was a priority. Not only did I need someone who would help keep me motivated but also someone who had a great deal of prenatal fitness experience. Maike was that person. Working out with her from the very beginning was extra special because she too was pregnant at that time. With due dates that we're a month apart, she literally knew how I was feeling every step of the way. She is sweet and kind and I immediately felt a comfortable, close connection. Now that we've had our babies, I went back to Maike so she could help me with my postpartum journey. She keeps workouts fun and will always check in with me to see how I'm doing/feeling etc. Highly recommend her for your pre and post natal fitness journey (and beyond)!

Maike L.

I had over 3 months personal trainer sessions with Maike and she was fabulous. Her training style by using your own body weight and only some gadgets impressed me tho it was super exhausting. But that’s what training should be. The work with her gave the starting point and motivation to loose 80 lbs and transform myself into a fit and healthy person. Nevertheless I had to leave SF I’m still using her workout plans. Thanks Maike for all your support!


The on demand new mamma fitness program is excellent. If you have done pelvic physiotherapy post partum and felt that it was lacking in something, this program is the missing gap. The workouts are simple, short, and interesting. Perfect for constant interruptions from your little ones. They make you feel strong and relaxed all at the same time. I highly recommend.


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