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Prenatal Mini Workout Series: #1 Deep Core

Updated: Apr 25

Do you have a few minutes to move your body? Try this mini workout with me and activate your deep core with simple movements and focus on the breath and deep core muscles.

Remember to move in a way that feel comfortable and good to you. Repeat all movement 15 times and repeat the whole workout 2-3 rounds.

Connect to your breath and your deep core to get the full benefits of this workout. A strong deep core connection can help prevent worsening of ab separation during pregnancy.

Do you have questions? Email me or comment below and I am happy to help you maneuver your pregnancy fitness journey.

Keep your eye open for the full prenatal pregnancy workout series here on my blog or sign up for my newsletter to get the free Pre and Postnatal Core Foundations Guide delivered to your inbox immediately after signing up.

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