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Prenatal Programs are brand new to the Mama Method

The Strong Core Mini Bundle

This Mini Course is for you, if you are pregnant, a new mama or a seasoned mama looking to learn the foundations of a strong core and how to build more strength and stability.

The STrong core mini bundle.png

What's included:

- Core anatomy 101

- Diastasis recti info + self test

- 4 deep core breathing exercises

- 7x pre and postnatal friendly follow-along core workout videos

- Printable Core Foundations Guide (same as Freebie)

- Email support from me, Maike Mancuso

- Community forum

Prenatal exercises come with a lot of benefits 

If done correctly and in the right does for your stage of pregnancy and overall energy & fitness level, it may:

- Reduce back pain

- Improve sleep

- Decrease risk of gestational diabetes & preeclampsia

- Promote healthy weight gain during pregnancy

- Improve overall fitness level

- Prepare your body for labor and demand of motherhood

- Improve healthy development of your baby

- Relieve stress & eases tension

And set you up for a strong and prepared labor and delivery as well as a smoother postpartum recovery! Postpartum recovery starts during pregnancy!

Fit Pregnancy Guide

Coming soon

What's included:

- Core anatomy 101

- Diastasis recti info

- 3 deep core breathing exercises

- What to be aware of for exercising during pregnancy

- Modifications for common core exercises

- Printable Core Foundations Guide

- Email support from me, Maike Mancuso

- Community forum

- Lifetime access

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And for the home stretch:

Labor Prep Mini Course

Coming soon

Thumbnails for all courses-4.png

What's included:

- 5x endurance and interval focused workouts to mimic and prepare for labor

- Learn how to release the pelvic floor 

- Birth positions and positions that can help you during labor

- Breathing exercises to connect to your core and support your labor

- 3x mindfulness exercises / guided meditations to find your calm and come back to yourself during labor

- Hospital pack list checklist

- Lifetime access

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