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New mama?

and ready to move:

You are in the right place. This program guides you through the early stages (6+ weeks after birth or after doctor clearance recommended) of your postpartum recovery and will help you safely return to movement and exercising. 

Restore your core, rebuild your strength and readjust to the new phase of life. 

Join the program when the time is right for you - it is a self pace, on-demand program easily accessible from your laptop or mobile device. Read more below.

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What's included?

  • *Lifetime access to all videos and new updates

  • Postpartum Foundations including Core 101, alignments tips, breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises

  • 20 workouts designed for postpartum mamas (more workouts will be continuously added)

  • Clickable calendar for accountability and fast and easy access

  • Relaxing stretch videos for rest days

  • Detailed e-book about postpartum recovery with additional resources

  • Printable PDF templates (workout planner, weekly + daily planner and more)

*This refers to the lifetime of the program and Maike Mancuso Coaching. If we have to pull the course or go out of business access may be lost.

How does it work?


Start with the foundations  and learn about your core and how to reconnect to your core. Go through all the breathing techniques to build a mind muscle connection to the deep core muscles, and create awareness of your postpartum body and breath.


Rebuild your strength in a safe and structured program with 20+ progressively challenging workouts. The program will educate you on how to identify indications that you are moving in a suitable pace for your well-being and stage of recovery. 


Readjust to your new phase of life. This program is build to fit into a busy mama's schedule and is a tool to support your postpartum recovery and healing journey. The time after birth can be overwhelming and emotional - to free up your head space, let me take the guess work out of working out.

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What participants say:

I love the new On-Demand Mama Fitness Program. I use it to get back in shape after giving birth to my first son in March, and I feel that I have my body back already after only 12 weeks. What I like most about the program is that Maike offers a lot of modifications in her workouts so that I can make them as hard for myself as I want (after a restless night, I do a lighter version).

Moreover, the workouts are short, so I can easily squeeze them in during my baby’s naps. If you look for a quick and effective postpartum program with great add-on resources, e.g. a clickable workout calendar to have the perfect plan, look no further. This Mama Fitness Program offers it all. Thanks, Maike!