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Mama, you deserve to feel like yourself.  

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period (which really is forever) and motherhood as a whole come with a boat load of changes - and I mean a tanker! Your body undergoes major shifts in a short amount of time, you are creating a human (or multiples) and the emotional and mental adaptation to the new phase of your life can be overwhelming. Add hormones, sleep deprivation and a drizzle of the daily responsibilities we already deal with and you have yourself a real challenge. 


Now, during this time you deserve to feel powerful! Because you are creating a human and that is downright incredible. The major adjustments during the different phases of motherhood might not feel easy at all times (or ever) and it might take time to figure things out, and that’s okay. Remember, we are dealing with a tanker full of changes. Let me be your tug boat (yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but I love the analogy of the tanker, so we are commitment to the boat theme. Here we go.)  I can guide you through uncharted territory, supplying you with resources to get to know your body again and safely and confidently returning back to movement in your own pace. Whether we work 1 on 1 or through my courses, one major focus will be restoring your core as well as rebuilding strength with an evidence based approach, step by step instructions and detailed structures to educate you on how your body might be communicating with you in each phase of motherhood.


You deserve the best, Mama.